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Instructions for use

Use UV products Tips:
In order to achieve the best performance and UV products reduce customers using the product fails, please note :
1. UVLED storage conditions : temperature 10 ℃ ~ 26 ℃, humidity 40 % to 65% , the bag sealed. The whole process.
2. Used in direct contact with all personnel must do UVLED measures to prevent and eliminate static electricity , do not directly touch the ultraviolet light-emitting diodes ;
3. Check the machine before production line equipment is properly grounded , the job requirements laid table good static tape, the tape should be connected between each other and grounded ;
4. Welding , pay attention to the welding time, welding temperature , in addition to distinguish between positive and negative polarity ;
5. Current and voltage and other electrical parameters can not exceed the nominal parameter values ​​;

 When welding high-power UV LED to note:
1. Welding time can not exceed 3S;
2. Soldering temperature should be ≤ 260 degrees ;
3. Reflow soldering only allowed 1 ;
4. When welding , to distinguish between positive and negative polarity , to avoid the attention of the lens prevent damage to the lens
5. Good cooling measures , especially as far as possible to ensure adequate power UVLED radiator area 6 ) to make UV LEDs last longer , it is recommended to use a more stable current or constant current driver IC, rather than using constant pressure drive power or IC.
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